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Sequoia's knowledge of the integrated ticketing industry is reflected in an integrated documentation set of Business, System and Data models. Sequoia are the owners of the IP embodied in this documentation.

Our approach promotes the separation of the 'analysis', 'design' and 'specification' components of a project from the 'build' and 'deliver' components. This approach opens up opportunities for clients to employ best-of-breed solutions throughout the implemented scheme, as well as achieving time and cost savings to the project.

The Sequoia IP provides a 'generic' Integrated Ticketing Scheme, and is the basis upon which 'customization' to the client-specific solution is achieved. The generic models represent an estimated 60% of the design for a typical Integrated Ticketing Scheme.

Sequoia Methodology

Models and Services

The Sequoia models exist as a complementary set:

And, as the solution proceeds through the project lifecycle, Sequoia’s Support Services come into play; facilitating the stage-by-stage transition from design to operation.

Sequoia is particularly aware of the issues of “inter-operability” and “legacy integration”.

Project Execution

Using Sequoia's generic models as a base, a comprehensive and consistent client-specific ITS model occurs is achieved at significant savings when contrasted with the effort involved in starting from scratch. Furthermore, real confidence can be drawn from the knowledge that the solution has an established standards-based pedigree and is not a first-attempt solution.

In maintaining this body of knowledge, Sequoia places high importance upon a well-established support framework, with particular emphasis upon:

Finally, because of the ‘component’ nature of Sequoia’s IP and experience, involvement in a project can be tailored to specific client requirements; being as little, or as much, as the client requires.

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